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Update, 10/15/2013

At the request of Lori Rowley, we will be changing the direction of this website in the near future. PLEASE check back for update and news on an exciting and fulfilling project.
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The Blue Knights and MADD will be hosting the Josh and Matt Memorial 5K Run/Walk on September 24.  Please click on “JOSH & MATT 5K!” at the top of this page to register and come join us to support the Rowley-McAlexander family and help us wage the war against impaired driving-on land AND on water!


On Friday, July 8th, there was a benefit for the families of Josh Rowley and Matthew McAlexander. This was a huge success. If you would like to read more, please click on “The Hotdog Benefit” at the top of this page.

On Sunday, July 3, Jeremy and Lori Rowley tragically lost their youngest son, Joshua Rowley, 13, in a boating accident while on vacation in Nebraska. Their oldest son, Matthew McAlexander, 19, son of James McAlexander and Lori, was critically injured in the accident and passed away at Good Samaritan Hospital in NE the morning of July 5.  Friends and family from all walks of the Rowleys’ lives have banded together to support them and help provide any assistance they need financially to bring everyone home and other expenses incurred.

Matt McAlexander, a 19 year old student at Forsyth Technical Community College and a local volunteer firefighter and his brother Josh Rowley, a 12 year old and rising 7th grade student of Kernersville Middle School were on a family vacation 4th of July weekend in Nebraska. Matt & Josh were able to go tubing, an event they looked forward to all year. While the family watched their smiling faces as they had the time of there lives, another boater collided with Matt and Josh tubing and came into direct contact with them. A stranger going by on a jetski witnessed the accident and stopped to jump in after them. The stranger helped lift Josh onto the boats edge while the family helped pull matt into their boat. Immediately both boats drove to shore. Unfortunately Josh died on impact from a serious head injury, but thankfully felt no pain. The family performed CPR on Matt until the ambulance got there. He was transported to The Good Samaritan Hospital where they performed surgery for his traumatic head and brain injury. When the surgery was over, Matt was put on life support and remained there for about 72 hours. Through many prayers and much fighting, Matt peacefully passed on.

Matt saved many lives on his time on earth and in his passing, he will continue to save lives. Matt was a registered organ donor and the McAlexander & Rowley family decided to honor his wishes by donating all of the able organs to people in need of them. More than 60 people are expected to benefit from the donation of his organs and tissues. His mother stated, “We prayed for a miracle to come for Matt, instead he is able to provide a miracle for other families.” While this family grieves the loss of two wonderful brothers, many other families will be able to rejoice in the hope of life provided by Matt’s final gift of donation. Matt McAlexander and Josh Rowley were amazing young men. Although they were only here for a short time, they experienced life in the most abundant way, touching everyone they came into contact with.

The operator of the vessel that struck Matt and Josh was arrested on the scene for BUI-boating under the influence.  No other charges have yet been filed at this time, the outcome of the accident investigation is not yet known.

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FYI and Disclaimer: any and all proceeds from any and all events or donations go ONLY to cover expenses directly incurred with the boys’ passing. There is no financial benefit or gain for any family member other than solely covering the funeral, medical, and other expenses DIRECTLY incurred with the tragedy.  Thank you for donating!